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Creativity in Sharing the Truth

For over a year we have felt a growing call towards utilizing a Media to Movements strategy.  The strategy would allow us to pursue targeted ministry contacts using an intuitive media format.

Bible Studies


Antony was 10 years old when his alcoholic father left his mother. Antony’s mother did not want to take care of him so she left him. Antony found himself alone on the streets of Nairobi with no one to help him survive.

His Good News

The Voice

We had gone to the Philippines to start a flight program, but right after we got there, the mission that requested the flight program, pulled up stakes and left… practically overnight. So that really left us wondering what we were supposed to be doing there.


The “Happenstance-r”

I’m working alone at the office on an Instagram post for our business when I hear a slight knock on the door. I look up and don’t see anyone through the glass so I swivel back to the screen without much thought. Again a faint knock on the glass this time and in the corner of my eye I notice a hand disappear to the side of the door.

Spreading the Word

Meet Djallo: Shepherd, Friend, Disciple Maker, & Islam Outcast

“It is best if we sell the cattle.”

Djallo’s identity and our plan for his growing ministry centered on these cows and calves (that’s mother and young cows for you urban dwellers).

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