Join us in prayer! Anything we are and anything we have accomplished is only because of the faithful prayers of those with hands raised over our ministries. Often people approach us apologetically that they can "only" pray, but we find the prayers of the faithful to be invaluable in our work and some of the most influential, vital and Spirit-filled contributions to our organization! Please pray for us!

Some ideas for how to pray include contacting a specific missionary and sign up for their prayer letters, going to Operation World and use their prayer points for the countries we serve in, read through our stories and pray for those contexts and similar ones, or use a Psalm or one of the great prayers of the Bible to guide your prayer time.

2 Corinthians 9:12 is such a cool reminder from Paul that when we give our resources back to the Lord, they don't fall into a black hole somewhere, but incite others to praise His name! Oftentimes, when we go into all the world the needs seem endless, and the work can feel hopeless, but we trust God for His provision because it has never failed. We believe all the resources in the world belong to Him in the first place and we can trust Him to allocate them in whatever way necessary to accomplish His work. If you are called to share in the blessings of serving His people throughout the world with either your financial resources by donating your time or talents, we'd welcome your partnership!

Tax deductible donations may be made by clicking the donate button on this page. If you prefer to write a check to support ACM International or any of our missionaries, please make the check payable to "ACM International" and mail it to the Office at:

(Designee’s Name)
c/o ACM International
PO Box 272
Concord, NC 28026

How to Get Involved:



Maybe the Holy Spirit is whispering into your ear that He has a place for you in this world where you are called to dig in and get your hands dirty. We'd love to come alongside you, exploring the nature of this call and the ways God could use the talents and the abilities He's been refining in you to contribute to the work of kingdom expansion. In fact, we'd be honored to. This is not always a smooth or clear, burning bush kind of process and sometimes it can be very reassuring to be walking through it with a community of believers that understand the burden. If we can serve you in this way, we'd be privileged to do so.

The first step is to begin a dialogue. You can start the conversation by filling out this no-obligation Interest Form. We don't see this form as a commitment to ACMI, nor do we expect you (or us for that matter!) to have all the answers. We find great excitement in walking through the possibilities of what God could be calling you to. Whether this conversation results in you leaving with some new ideas, or in you joining us long-term, we'd be delighted to talk with you.

If you would prefer you can also print out a similar, Hard Copy Interest Form and mail it to us.

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