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At ACMI we use a vision statement to paint a word-pictureof what we believe God ultimately wants our work to produce on Earth; the end result of His work through us in communities across the world.

Teams of Jesus disciples

Our teams are made of men and women who are passionate about following our King – Jesus – with everything that we are. We are collectively focused on Jesus’ mission of reconciliation in this world – making other disciples! Our calling has expression both personally and collectively as we discover that God is calling us to walk and work alongside other Jesus disciples.

Forming Kingdom churches

We see vibrant churches, worshipping the triune God, forming everywhere He leads us. These local Kingdom communities, culturally appropriate and God empowered, provide a sustainable foundation for God’s mission of reconciliation. As we journey alongside these churches – God’s chosen vehicle of blessing for the nations – we, they, and the communities of which we are a part, will be transformed.


Building global Community

Jesus taught us to pray, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus’ vision is our vision. Everything we do will build His Kingdom – a Kingdom that has no walls and no boundaries. The disciples that are made, the churches that are formed, and the communities that are transformed, will multiply into the farthest corners of the earth.