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The mission statement gives us our daily marching orders. Faithfulness in this foundational (or essential, or basic) task will transform vision into reality.


Accept Christ’s Call!

We believe God has specifically prepared men and women to join this alliance. Our Lord has called some to go and He has called some to support to those who go! Both are callings. Both are essential to the success of every mission. The call is important as we begin each partnership and it is vital throughout our ministry together. ACM International relies heavily, daily, on the direct intervention of the Spirit of God in each individual life. It is our continuous challenge to “Accept Christ’s Call” day by day… Make that minute by minute!

Cultivate Relationships!

Each mission we accept is ultimately about people! As we enter a foreign culture, our first and constant priority will be to cultivate meaningful relationships with our new neighbors. This high value has far reaching implications on the mindset with which we approach and interact with those whom we pray will become our new friends. It influences our commitment to language/cultural learning, our respect for different values and our firm belief that God will lead us to those in whom the Spirit of God has already been working. Those whose names He wishes to write upon our hearts!

Make Disciples!

We are commanded to make disciples! (Matt 28:19) Planting seeds liberally, sharing the good news about Jesus in the soil of our relationships, is our mission –our common passion. A disciple is one who holds fast to an ongoing commitment to follow our King - Jesus. Churches, full of disciples, serve the sick and the poor - have a passion for social justice; they know how to give; are bold in their stand for truth and they, too, are committed to the task of making new disciples.

Influence the World!

Disciples of Jesus, and the churches they fill, directly challenge evil and the sin that destroys life within their sphere of influence. The power of Christ’s Kingdom, at work through those who lay everything on the altar before Him, is, quite literally, the only hope for the radical transformation desperately needed in this world.