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Greetings from the ACMI Board of Trustees!

We're so glad you've found ACMI and look forward to connecting you with our ACMI family. We are committed to leading our organization in a way that helps our current and future missionaries to Accept Christ's Call, Cultivate Relationships, Make Disciples, and Influence the Word.

Our Board of Trustees is made up of people with a diversity of experience. We include current missionaries, former ACMI missionaries and missionary kids, ministers, businessmen, and farmers. We volunteer our time out of a love for Christ and the work that he is doing through ACMI. While we all advocate for our ACMI missionaries within our home churches and communities, many of us also make visits to our missionaries on the field to learn more about their work and bless their families.

ACMI has both a rich heritage and a bright future. As we celebrate 70+ years of ministry, we hope our missions experience and diversity of ministries can help equip you to live out God's calling in your life!