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Our Western culture runs on strategy plans, research and hard data. We often judge the effectiveness of an organization by its numbers. While these things are a vital part of giving direction, shape and structure to an organization, we know at the end of the day, God’s heartbeat is for people and the heart of our ministries can be found in their stories. It’s the messy and complicated, but rewarding and inspiring stories of the people we work and have relationships with that vividly give flesh to our values, strategies and goals. At ACMI our numbers and goals have names and faces. In these pages we want to share glimpses of their stories.

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Stories about how God is moving through ACM'ers who are accepting Christ'scall to cultivate relationships, make disciples and influence the world. 
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Our Heritage



After World War II, several people from the Christian Churches / Churches of Christ in the United States wanted to begin mission work in the Belgian Congo, as it was then known. However, the Belgian government restricted missionary activity only to those connected with a legally recognized mission agency. Therefore, the African Christian Mission was incorporated in the State of Ohio, on October 11, 1947, by leaders within the independent Christian Churches. 

The first missionaries were sent to the Congo in 1948 to begin the work. They began in the Ituri Rain Forest of northeastern Congo, opening the first mission station at the village of Bomili just outside of Stanleyville (now Kisangani) in the territory of Bafwasende. The work grew quickly and a strong church was formed. Even in the years after independence (1960) when turbulence and war forced many of the missionaries to evacuate, the church in Congo stood firm. 

After working exclusively in Zaire (the name was changed from Congo in 1970) for 45 years, African Christian Mission began to expand its geographic vision. In 1994 ACM formally assumed Bread of Life (Pain de Vie in French), another USA based missionary group, into its organization. Bread of Life is a legally registered Christian Church in the country of Mali, in West Africa. In 1996 ACM began similar discussions with West Africa Christian Mission, based in Nigeria (also in West Africa), and a merger was later completed with them as well. 

In 1995 the Lord led ACM to close out our missionary role in Zaire (now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo) for a time. This process was completed in early 1996. At that time ACM missionaries moved out of Zaire to begin ministries in several different locations within Africa (including Nigeria and Mali) as well as other parts of the world.



Due to the nature of the new ministries God was opening before us and the prospects for reaching out into areas beyond Africa, it became clear that it was time for us to consider changing our name from African Christian Mission to something less limiting geographically. In an attempt to maintain some connection with our past while opening ourselves up to God’s leading for the future, we took on the name ACM International. This name change became official in early 2008. In August 2009 it was decided, by the ACM International Trustees board, that the letters ACM from now on, would stand for the Alliance of Christian Missions. This was not a decision to change our name, but rather to give new definition to the letters ACM. Our official name remains ACM International. 

We love what “the Alliance” communicates about our team. This word describes well the way God has brought us together. And even more than an alliance of organizations, we are an alliance of individuals determined to work in unity toward our common purpose - to establish churches who are effectively sharing life with all that surround them! The alliance also captures our prayer for the future. We have a deep commitment to work in harmony with others, individuals and organizations, whom God might choose to place beside us. We also envision men and women, whom we have yet to meet, joining the family. This includes those who may be called to become members of ACM International as well as those who are called to lend support to the work God is doing through our team. So – “What does ACM stand for?” We are the Alliance of Christian Missions!

Crowl's Retirement

Howard, June and Chris Crowl are officially retiring after 66 years of missionary ministry.  Read all the details here!