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My Utmost for His Highest

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2 Corinthians 9:12 is such a cool reminder from Paul that when we give our resources back to the Lord, they don't fall into a black hole somewhere, but incite others to praise His name! Oftentimes, when we go into all the world the needs seem endless, and the work can feel hopeless, but we trust God for His provision because it has never failed. We believe all the resources in the world belong to Him in the first place and we can trust Him to allocate them in whatever way necessary to accomplish His work. If you are called to share in the blessings of serving His people throughout the world with either your financial resources by donating your time or talents, we'd welcome your partnership!

Tax deductible donations may be made to "ACM International" and sent to the Office. This information is available on the Contact Us page.

Donations for a specific missionary should be made directly through their Forwarding Agent. We are happy to get you connected with a specific forwarding agent. Please feel free to contact us regarding this.


Join us in prayer! Anything we are and anything we have accomplished is only because of the faithful prayers of those with hands raised over our ministries. Often people approach us apologetically that they can "only" pray, but we find the prayers of the faithful to be invaluable in our work and some of the most influential, vital and Spirit-filled contributions to our organization! Please pray for us!

Some ideas for how to pray include contacting a specific missionary and sign up for their prayer letters, going to Operation World and use their prayer points for the countries we serve in, read through our stories and pray for those contexts and similar ones, or use a Psalm or one of the great prayers of the Bible to guide your prayer time.


A man preaching in Asia with a translator standing next to him.

We praise God for the many colorful partnerships He’s brought to existence between our field workers and local believers from other cultural backgrounds, as well as an incredible support team here in the USA (our prayer warriors, the churches and individuals who send out our field workers, our Board of Trustees, and our administrative staff and volunteers). ACM International delights in the way God’s creativity and love are revealed by the multi-cultural nature of His worldwide church and are thrilled with the small part in that we make up. By capitalizing on the work that is already being done by coming alongside nationals and other organizations already in the region, we most clearly depict the unified body of Christ. These partnerships bear their own witness. We make disciples by pursuing partnerships.



A man and a woman studyig the Bible together in a brick hut. There is a little boy playing with the Bible. On the side of the picture there are the words,

Though vital, it is not enough to develop strong relationships. Though life-saving, we cannot be content with just making a few disciples. A disciple is one who holds fast to an ongoing commitment to follow Jesus Christ, and calls others into this commitment also. Churches, full of disciples, are concerned about the sick and the poor—have a passion for social justice; they carry a burden for developing their communities in sustainable, life-giving ways; they know how to give; are bold in their stand for truth; and they, too, are committed to the task of making new disciples. Without this vital last component churches become inwardly focused and fail to carry out Christ’s most critical command. But when churches are filled with disciplers—those passionate about being disciples, and raising up more disciples, the results are exponential growth, and an explosion of expanding faith. We most effectively make disciples when we raise people up to be disciplers.

Crowl's Retirement

Howard, June and Chris Crowl are officially retiring after 66 years of missionary ministry.  Read all the details here!