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My Utmost for His Highest

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The Maxwells


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Tyler and Amy Maxwell are so excited to be a part of ACMI, empowering communities to love and care for street boys. Along with their children, Emma, Madelyne and Caden, God is leading them on a journey of faith and trust in their Savior. They know that God works all things out for those who trust in Him and God has proven Himself faithful!

The DeLaughters


It is our vision, as the Lord leads, that in influential cities and/or strategic locales of Tanzania an effort is launched to begin a self replicating, indigenous, holistic discipleship movement. It is our prayer that this holistic movement will intentionally spread from the strategic centers into the surrounding country and into cross sections of all tribes, classes, and ethnic groups.

- Excerpt from the Delaughter's Vision/Strategy Paper.
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Check out the Delaughter's website to learn more about their vision and ministry!

The Crowls

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The Crowls are based on the outskirts of the city of Nairobi, Kenya and continue to help establish churches and train leaders as they have done faithfully for so many years. God has specifically led them to focus their attention on some of the most marginalized people of Nairobi. These would include Street Boys, Refugees from Congo and Rwanda, Street Women, Local Women (from the poor areas of town) and abandoned babies. We believe we are working with future leaders in His Kingdom work, for Africa as well as other parts of the world.

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Check out the Ahadi Boys Facebook page to learn more about their ministry.


Maybe the Holy Spirit is whispering into your ear that He has a place for you in this world where you are called to dig in and get your hands dirty. We'd love to come alongside you, exploring the nature of this call and the ways God could use the talents and the abilities He's been refining in you to contribute to the work of kingdom expansion. In fact, we'd be honored to. This is not always a smooth or clear, burning bush kind of process and sometimes it can be very reassuring to be walking through it with a community of believers that understand the burden. If we can serve you in this way, we'd be priviledged to do so.

The first step is to begin a dialogue. You can start the conversation by filling out this no-obligation Interest Form. We don't see this form as a committment to ACMI, nor do we expect you (or us for that matter!) to have all the answers. We find great excitement in walking through the possibilities of what God could be calling you to. Whether this conversation results in you leaving with some new ideas, or in you joining us long-term, we'd be delighted to talk with you.

If you would prefer you can also print out a similar, Hard Copy Interest Form and mail it to us.

Crowl's Retirement

Howard, June and Chris Crowl are officially retiring after 66 years of missionary ministry.  Read all the details here!