compass on a map
  • strategiesBaobab trees next to a dirt track with a blue sky in the background.
  • evangelizing the unreachedTwo arab men staning in the desert.
  • empowering the oppressedA little girl sitting next to a grey, concrete wall, hugging her knees.
  • developing communitiesA man cycling on an inovative bicycle/cart, designed to be a mobile shop and that is laden with goods.
  • raising disciplersA man and a woman studyig the Bible together in a brick hut. There is a little boy playing with the Bible. On the side of the picture there are the words, "Raising Disciplers."
  • pursuing partnershipsA man preaching in Asia with a translator standing next to him.
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There is really only one strategy that is 100% effective 100% of the time and that is to rely on a minute-by-minute basis for the leading of the Holy Spirit and the guidance of God’s Word. We are following a calling of God, placing all of our trust—every aspect of our lives—into His hands, always focused on a common goal. We live, breathe and perspire for the mission of making disciples. This is our true passion. How creative God is, as He reveals specific strategies through which we can accomplish this mission.

Evangelizing the Unreached We believe God’s heart is burdened for those who remain unreached.
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Empowering the Oppressed We see in Scripture that an obedient heart in line with Christ’s cares for the world’s widows and orphans, for the poor and the oppressed.
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Developing Communities God’s love is demonstrated--His church is effective--when communities are developed and holistic ministry is transforming lives.
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Raising Disciplers When churches are filled with disciplers—those passionate about being disciples, and raising up more disciples, the results are exponential growth, and an explosion of expanding faith.
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Pursuing Partnerships By capitalizing on the work that is already being done by coming alongside nationals and other organizations already in the region, we most clearly depict the unified body of Christ.
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